Market Entry

Silkway screens, evaluates, sources, and can negotiate your arrangements for you.

Having a solid understanding of cross cultural business issues, our team of professionals helps you explore:

Distribution Arrangements – for optimizing cost structures of the business. Find the perfect match and shed light on the specific ways in which purchasing practices can enhance labor standards, and helping retailers and brands to develop ways of addressing these.

Marketing & Brand Management – Provide strong consumer psychology combined with quantitative research and financial modeling. We assist you in decisions regarding advertising, pricing, and distribution.

Company Setup & Relocation (Green Fields or Joint Ventures) – Listen to your objectives for expanding into foreign markets and research the proper “fit” that fulfills your international business needs. We search your desire talent within our well established recruitment network.

Licensing Arrangements (Technology or IP Transfer) – Partner with foreign firms via royalty agreements.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Purchase an existing company that already fulfills your needs in an overseas marketplace.